Monday, 27 June 2011


the orange necklace- a flaming burst of creativity

Over the mountain to Woodstock on Saturday morning, for a warehouse sale, an impressive collection of  wares by Moonbasket, Missibaba, Skinny laminx, and Queen magpie.

As you enter, the rustic and expensive smell of leathers, the shelf on the right is packed full, an array of beautiful colours and textures.

Missibaba's bespoke handbags are very covetable, the young ladies were swarming around the bags- clever girls, spend whilst you can- in a few years it will be on children, school fees, mortgages and car repayments!

A peek on the left - a rail of beautiful clothes

Moonbasket stole the show for me- remember the clever Laura who crocheted that magnificent blanket for Gilles, well together with her partner Dani Le Roy they make these unique handmade pieces.

They have elevated crochet to a whole new level of luxury and desirability, the lampshades glow with a warm cocooning light.

I couldn't keep my eyes off that orange necklace, a burst of creativity with thread, buttons and rings foraged from the Milnerton market.
Do you see the rug...... * sigh * ...I now desire white floors for that slate grey rug.

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  1. I'd race you to the baskets, but I think you'd win! Sigh!


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