Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The bascule bar and the Irish lass

In excellent style the Irish lass bid us farewell at the Bascule bar in the Cape Grace hotel at the Waterfront. 

We usually avoid the waterfront, but loved the Bascule bar, the Cape Grace sits in the real harbour, a comforting distance from the commercialism of the shopping areas.

We sat outside under the heaters next to the water, whilst the art teacher smoked, sunset and the luxury catamarans sparkled, a lazy seal circled- yes... we're sure it wasn't a shark.

Inside the bar, glamorous, warm and intimate, the lounge perfect for private parties and the cellar for a naughty game of hide and seek.

Scrumptious elegant snacks, best service we've had in a bar and of course, when the Irish lass is involved- the champagne flowed.

a peek into the cellar

Irish lass and gorgeous shoes

We're gonna miss you, Irish lass and those gorgeous shoes that you wear.....as they say-

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind always be at your back,
and may the sun shine warm upon your face
until we meet again.

drive by harbour

Monday, 24 October 2011

Time Flies at Boo Radleys

Last gig of the year for those fabulous masters of time, space and dimension- Time Flies.

Boo Radley's was the venue, a guest appearance by song bird Odette and the crowd was in full swing.

Perhaps just one more paradigm shift before the new year guys........pretty please?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Casa Labia Muizenberg

 After making thousands of canapes everyday for a solid week, my sanity was shaky at best- I was in desperate need of an outing.

I hosed myself down, yes.... I actually smell like food, people get hungry when I waft past them.

I closed the door on my very own ground zero, no I won't show you a picture- just try and imagine the kind of devastation in my workplace, a picture would shock even the messiest of my dear readers.

And so I found myself in Muizenberg, the gentle sea at my back, climbing the sweeping stairs and stepping into the elegance of Casa Labia- I knew it then...... a pack of wild wolves would be needed to drag me home again.

The occasion was the opening of Cheryl's Kalk Bay Modern gallery's exhibition hosted by Casa Labia Galleria, a beautiful exhibition 'Art on paper' displaying works by 55 South African artists.

Most of the art was displayed upstairs in spacious rooms with exquisite pressed ceilings, the rooms opened onto a balcony built for flowing ballgowns and champagne parties.

I left reluctantly, no wolves, only the art teacher gently reminding me I had the weekend free, and although home would never be as grand, elegant or pristine, it was definitely salvageable.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A beautiful lady

As promised, the talented art teachers latest masterpiece. I'm mesmerized by her gaze,  serene and constant, without judgement.

Sorry, dear readers, a lady this beautiful waits for no-one, she's been snapped up by a lovely art patron, and will hang in a beautiful house in Rondebosch. 

The good news........there will be limited edition prints and no surprise who's grabbing the first one!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Luscious little locquats

Ripe, plump and ready to be plucked- the birds in their kindness, left a few untouched.

A long time ago, with time to spare, we made delicious locquat jelly....one day again.

In the meantime, marinated Pork neck chops were on the braai, broccoli had been plucked from the garden and I was thinking Locquat salsa.

Peeled chopped locquats, red onions, green peppers, splash of balsamic, olive oil, one of my small orange chillis, mint, coriander and parsley.

Added some strawberries as an afterthought as the salsa was a little on the hot side, cooled it down, adding some pretty colour and sweetness.

Next time, I think some pineapple in the salsa?

Our broccoli harvest- not big, but delicious

Friday, 7 October 2011

Putt-putt, vaudeville and fat juicy steaks on hot coals

It was the last day- sun shining, kids out of school early we chose Putt-putt in Green Point, on a day like that the Atlantic strip shines, crisp air, sparkling waves- not easy to forget.

Vaudeville supper club at the Fez for something a little different, their old acts have gone (poached by the Tent of dreams?)  but I loved the lady above, quite a voice on her.

Their new a la carte menu a great improvement, the burgers were real and the chips- double fried to perfection.

Last lunch? ........only one thing for it, fat juicy steaks on hot coals in the garden, crispy roasted potatoes and a freshly picked salad.

The elephant in the room? Those bags on the lawn.

What does it feel like? Remember dropping off  your little one for their first day of nursery school -
well double that .........and there's no picking up for a very long time.

What's her beau like? He stole our hearts- no easy task...four very different hearts- all stolen.

Hurry back young ones, when you're here with us the sun shines brighter.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Somewhere on the other side- Marilena Vita

My two favourites- Abstraction and I am here

Marilena Vita's exhibition opened last night at Heidi's Photographers gallery in Shortmarket street.

Marilena is an Italian photographer and performance artist, this project has the patronage of the Italian consulate in Cape Town and the Societa Dante Alighieri.

There will be a walkabout conducted in Italian with the artist and the Italian ambassador on Friday evening at 6 pm and in English on Saturday at 11.30 am.

Heidi's opening speech, the artist on the right

Drive home - Long street baths

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

On a clear day you can see forever

Cloudy, cold and wet, not the ideal weather for our Table Mountain excursion- but days were short.

We bundled up against the elements and walked the paths, surrounded by clouds that teasingly lifted to reveal the spectacular mountains - it felt like a Lord of the Rings movie- only we were a lot less energetic.

The ancientness of the mountain touched us, like a meditation, we left fresh and invigorated.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Picking mussels in the mist

Do you recognise our mussel picking spot?

Shhh....lets keep it to ourselves, its Misty Cliffs in Scarborough.

Low tide was at the unfriendly hour of around 8 am, by the time we grabbed coffee and took the long drive it was a more respectable 9.30 am - which meant we would most definitely get wet prying those tasty molluscs from their rocks.

An hour later and dripping wet we climbed the many stairs triumphant, knowing that lunch would be a feast.

A quick stop on the way home at the Foodbarn deli for some freshly baked ciabatta- a must to mop up those sauces.

Stone stairs down to the beach

Wooden stairs before the stone surrounded by delicate flowers

Our stash below, all freshly scrubbed and washed waiting to be cooked....

We were divided between a Tomato, wine sauce and a Cream, wine sauce ......obviously both had to be done.

A long slow lunch, feasting on these delicious treats from the sea, all the tastier for our hard foraging, beers in hand and the sun on our backs.

freshly scrubbed and cleaned- the anticipation!

Chop onion, garlic, fresh and tinned tomatoes, add  wine, salt, sugar and simmer

Chopped onion, garlic, saute in butter, add wine and cream and simmer

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