Thursday, 9 June 2011

Take one handful of red wrigglers.....

Camera shy little wrigglers- even they must earn their keep
This was much less than we should have got, but 9 months later - they are breeding like.......well probably pretty much like worms actually.
If you're squeamish for wriggly things, I apologise- you'll be safe reading my blog again tomorrow, I promise.

'Freshest' tray of wrigglers doing their thing
Small confession-  the little wrigglers have taken on pet status in our home, and as such, are fussy eaters enjoying only the tastiest of snacks, we're talking avocado peelings and pips (which they love) paw-paw skins, apple skins, they fight the bunnies for the cabbage-  all intermixed with egg cartons and crushed egg shells (they have such tiny mouths!)  top that with a warm layer of freshly mowed grass cuttings-  Oh the life of a worm....

Home made worm farm- the 'art teacher' added the tap and drilled holes in the bottoms
The bottom tray contains the worm tea and 2nd from bottom tray almost completely composted casing and the other 2 trays full to brim, weighing in at 18 kg a tray- we're talking sold compost, these little chaps are composting machines.

nectar for the plants
The delicately named 'worm tea' that we use for the veggies, we're doing a little experiment with the barrels, I'm using worm tea and 'the art teacher' is using volcanic ash.....but more about that later...

Salad leaves
Very shortly we'll have an abundance of wrigglers, so if anybody needs any?

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