Monday, 13 June 2011

Franck's Foodbarn in Noordhoek Village

Franck Dangereux has a fabulous restaurant, The Foodbarn, nestled in the quaint Noordhoek farm village.
As legendary as Franck was at La Colombe, I couldn't be more grateful that he has his own place- fine dining, freshest quality ingredients, all in a relaxed space with affordable prices and staff you wish could migrate with you to every restaurant, the last part probably has a lot to do with partner Pete de Bruin- front of house man.
We usually go during Winter as his specials can't be resisted. The menu is changed weekly and when I spotted tripe on the menu, we knew this was the week.

Just sweep your eyes over the Steenberg winter special blackboard below.....3 courses with wine pairing for R165...for heavens sake- we might just have to move to Noordhoek.

Don't worry, between the two of us we had the entire board covered except for the mussels, which I'm now sorry I didn't order, as delicious as the lamb chops were, well they were lamb chops.

The goats cheese and brinjal tart and that sauce, I could have licked the plate
I keep thinking of those duck livers and THAT sauce
The two starters, literally no words- absolute heaven, both the highlight of the meal.  The duck livers had a suprising light crispness outside, then creamy softness and the delicate crunch of the praline and hazelnuts...Aaah.
The 'art teacher' started to look a bit sad,  it was his realisation that in his lifetime he'll never be able to cook sauces like he's tasting- men and their sauces!

Tripe- the hint of chilli without the burn, just the heat and flavour
Needless to say, I won't be doing lamb chops for dinner anytime soon
The tripe's sauce of course, was perfection and the tripe melting tender, my lamb jus with garlic cream...say no more, I don't want to upset the 'art teacher' again.

Date pudding with homemade ice-cream
Must buy quinces today and make that compote
The desserts picture perfect, loved the quince compote with goats cheese, just look at that gorgeous old plate.
We were stuffed by the time we finished, next time (the special runs for the whole of the long Cape Winter) I'm doing 2 starters and a dessert....or maybe 2 starters and main....
We drove back home over Ou Kaapse Weg, in a blissful quiet- all our senses satisfied.


  1. been on my list for the longest time. with a surname like Dangereux... who could resist.

  2. I want to go now how u book dear karen

  3. I know exactly what you mean Lily!

    Gilles! You'll be very happy there- I got in phoning on the day- Ph 021 7891390


  4. Lekker. I see Franck still likes his sauce! It was my only niggle. His food is delicious. And I love the deli...the nicest roast chicken to go. And sunflower sprouts! Damn, I'm realizing how much I did not blog about.

    BUT - the Foodbarn was the only place where I thought the service was good, in die hele Slaapstad. I mean that affectionately. Do you have other good service recommendations?

    Is that Gilles up therein the comments?

  5. Pee Ess - I should add I like his sauces, just so much of them.

  6. Hi Marie- I have to go there in the day and try his famous roast chicken.
    You're quite right, the service was so flawless that it was startling, as you quickly realise how far off the mark other 'good restaurants' are- sadly nothing is springing into my mind!
    Yep- I think? We have guessed Gilles correctly?
    PS- I'm still stunned at your little fig tree with so many figs...ours are sadly under achieving!

  7. looks amazing! duck livers yummy yummy yummy!!!

  8. Hey sweetie! the livers were absolutely divine, have no idea, but I think they had a light tempura batter and were then deep-fried, with the grapefruit...definitely 3 x yummies! Tell us what you're eating in Palma? xx


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