Friday, 24 June 2011

It's alright Winter

the beautiful little dam on the Constantia turnoff M3
Winter solstice has just passed, but not a sign of  her surrender,

more like a renewed attack.... we could barely see the road.

'the art teacher' testing out his new 24mm lens

But I'm smiling, two sweet words-  School holidays.

Three delicious weeks, no waking before the birds, only the occasional job, my clever clients have migrated to sun drenched destinations

I see my future and its three cosy weeks with my tower of books, slow-cooking, board games, card games, a TV series or two and a few brisk winter walks to collect pine cones for the fire.

the small greenbelt by Sillery farm

Our celebratory lunch, homemade pizzas, a glass of chenin to get a spot in front of the fire.

overladen pizza!


  1. That's nice. I miss winter so much, in Cape Town. Have not seen it for many, many years. Your pictures let me come home, for a bit.

  2. Ah, miss those home made pizzas by the fire!! looking at the pics with Jolie the chef onboard and we are both very hungry now! Xxx

  3. Wish you were with us sweetie- did you see the shoes? xx


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