Friday, 17 June 2011

Lunar eclipses and Time flies

there was a brief parting of the clouds as we could glimpse the beginning
Whether it be dragons as the Chinese believed or a mystical union between the sun god and moon goddess- a lunar eclipse is a disturbing thing of wonder.
On this occasion our usually quiet sky was ablaze with lightning, booming with thunder and pouring with rain- only madmen and fools ventured out... yes- we were in this latter category.
Our friends, Time flies decided on an incidental mayhem evening with an open band practice, they didn't disappoint- it was a great evening.
Strangely on this ecliptic evening the poor 'art teachers' camera lens gave guys we need another practice evening to get some great pics.
By the time I got my little camera working, an enterprising bunch of young ones had taken over the band equipment for their own practice session- my money is on these two future rock stars...

Love the drummers dress style

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