Tuesday, 3 May 2011


This time it all started with the 'spidery' dusty and very hairy root I spotted between the broccoli and the beetroot-  fresh horseradish.  I was still thinking up wonderous ways to use this root, when my husband came up with the very best way- well, definitely maximum fun- fresh tomato juice bloody mary. He's a bit of a 'Jamie Oliver fan' and remembered Jamie using fresh horseradish in his tomato water, now add to that the ever lingering taste memory of a tomato starter we had in December at the fabulous Bizerca bistro, it blew us away- part of a tomato trio- a clear tomato juice in a shot glass with flavours from the Gods! .....So now we play.........

Oops forgot the basil and some Maldon salt

 We've made it twice now, first time for the last lunch party (sadly we drank to much of it to remember to photograph!) and again today to give you a pretty picture,  both times were pleasantly different. Take all of the ingredients on the above board - 2 kgs tomatoes, 2 slugs of vodka, 2 chillis, 3 cloves of garlic, a little slug of balsamic and a mans thumb of horseradish - and don't forget a handful of basil, a pinch of salt. Whizz it all up in the blender and strain through a muslin cloth/table napkin into a jug in your fridge,  your juice will be strangely clear, Jamie suggested adding a slice of beetroot to colour it, which it does beautifully, but just for a bit, so as not to flavour. Next time, I'm adding some celery to the whizz as well- so close....do you think Bizerca will part with their recipe?

Taste and add more chilli if  needed and of course extra vodka! 

Salute! This ones for my gorgeous daughter Carrie on the other side of the world- a bloody mary drinker of note! x

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