Friday, 6 May 2011


Very cool looking pie bar
How about a juicy 'pulled' pork and roasted apple your mouth watering yet? What about slow cooked Beef jus or maybe ratatouille pie, roasted chicken and mayo? All that and more at Down South Pie Bar. Whenever we're close to Long street at night, this is our stop for the following days lunch, at R20 a pie- fantastic lunch! 

Warning- its going to be very hard to choose

These pies have the thinnest crust of perfect pastry encasing their delicious fillings- eating just one leaves you with that satisfying 'sit back and put your feet up' fullness.

The charismatic pie-man himself!
If you hurry you can make it down to Long street before lunch, its next door to Down South Food Bar (remember me telling you about their delicious ribs and succulent prawns)...I'm so hungry now..

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