Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I'm up in the clouds and over the moon

The  blue moon
Please excuse me, I rarely win things and when I do, well, what can I say......I'm over the moon.....
I've been an avid follower of 'jamie who', that fabulous food blogger and followed his move over to Aficionado - look below and to the right under 'great blogs' -  its a combination of all the good things in life, food, wine, fashion, lifestyle.
The good man himself .....

jamie who

jamie who was running a competition to win 2 tickets to Luke Dale- Robert's (yes, ex La Colombe)
Test Kitchen in Woodstock,  not just for his usual sublime offerings,  this is something extra special- he's teamed up with Adi Badenhorst from AA Badenhorst wines and Eben Sadie see his ethos and vineyards here, now we're talking real wine, the words used were- 'top-drawer' and 'secret cellar' wines. Jamie who describes it best on his blog 
Don't cry dear friends, because I intend to impart to you every delicious morsel that I put into my mouth and the 'art teacher' will try his best to sneak some pictures of at least a few of those 11-13 courses we'll be savoring along with those wines.
If you can't stand me going on about it any more, and you're feeling flush this month - ZAR 850 per person, quickly book yourself a spot,  it's only running for 6 weeks starting 15 June.
I'm off to buy a lottery ticket.......


  1. Who is cooking at La Colombe, now, Karen?

    Sounds like a good night (night?)...

  2. Scot Kirton, who used to work under Luke at La Colombe and then became executive chef of their River Cafe, now back at La Colombe again. I think its' going to be an excellent night!! I'm so excited.....

  3. Thanks Karen - do you know if Scot also cooked with Franck, pre-Luke?

  4. I don't think so Marie, as the article I read said he was cooking London/Paris prior to that. Franck is running fantastic specials at his Foodbarn in Noordhoek at the moment- I adore his food, so I'm hoping to go next week- yum!


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