Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas rituals

It starts with the tree, the art teacher would tell our small children- ' Now remember-  not too big, just a small little tree because we live in a small little house' - serious nodding and agreement all around as I drove them to choose it.

The delight and anticipation on their little faces, as we came home dragging the biggest tree possible-  his feigned horror at the size of tree..' well, we'll just have to cut a hole in the ceiling' - giggles and squeals of delight.

Xmas tree decorating night- carols are played, 'cocktails' drunk. Decorations remembered and reminisced, a collection of 23 years, some made by little hands, others bought, a few given- all treasured. 
The tree no longer hangs bottom heavy,  the kids now reach taller than me- dad places the fairy on the top, and we exclaim - 'It's our best tree yet' we do every year!

Xmas eve dinner, turkey, ham, lamb and tongue- too much? Never! 
A full table, at first fumbling little hands to help me lay it, name cards to decorate- now, near adult and expert at the job, advice is given- 'too much mom- less is more' as they take charge.

Thankfully, we still have a little xmas angel at the table to find the lucky money in the pudding-  again?!
 and when we hear Santa's sleigh bells approaching, followed by a thud on the roof  - it's now expertly executed by my kids for the delight of younger- actually ........for the delight of everyone.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Walking the vineyards

Finally, we can slow down and enjoy long evening walks in the vineyards again.

We saw the tender young vine shoots emerge from hard gnarly old stumps, the air was still cold then and no sign of spring yet.

When next we looked, the vineyards were vivid with fresh green and the promise of summer- now grapes hang in tight bouncy little bunches.

The labourers started their summer gardens, neat patches outside their cottages, onions sourced from Grabouw, mielies, beans, pumpkins, all watered every evening.

Watching their vegetables grow is just a little humiliating for the average gardener - we're still proudly nursing our tiny spinach and tomato plants, whilst their patches grow effortlessly with wild must be the soil?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Michaelis graduate show 2012

Michaelis prize winner Miranda Moss's mesmerizing installations from "Ephemerology'- experiments capturing ephemeral phenomena, like this clever whirlpool in a bottle.

 Trevor Potter's ' Animal Testing', two steampunk- like sculptures blew me away.

 Leigh Bassingthwaighte's Vantage Point -engaging, voyeuristic photographs looking into apartment windows, unfortunately no pictures to show you, as the photographs were displayed down the dark back staircase of Hiddingh Hall.

Some highlights below, including Emma Dee Padoa and Elinor Auerbach's work.

If  you missed opening night - and you really shouldn't- the exhibition is definitely worth viewing, open until 19th Dec 11 am - 4 pm.

drive by - drive home

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