Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cape Point Vineyard market

Feel like a glass of wine...or two, as well as a yummy selection of eats on a Thursday evening? 

Cape Point Vineyard Market in Noordhoek - We visited a few weeks back, coming over the mountain a little after 6 pm, it was already bursting with happy people.

I headed straight for The foodbarn's stall and couldn't help but start with dessert- the churros with chocolate sauce....*insert 3 minutes of pure melting enjoyment*...I actually couldn't eat anything else after that.

Now turn around, look at that view, take a sip of wine and know what it feels like to be living in Cape Town.

A few of the lovely stallholders with their treats

Drive home- drive by

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jan Neethling- A Greek Goddess up to no Good

Jan Neethling's exhibition has opened at Heidi's Erdmann Contemporary.

An exciting and vibrant exhibition - bold, colourful pieces, 21 in all, my favourite below....I admit it was a difficult choice.

The artist was a  close friend of the late Robert Hodgins, he named the exhibition in memory of him and a favourite painting by him- A Greek Goddess up to no Good.

Visit soon- you won't be disappointed, but they may all be sold.

The artist in the middle

A voyeuristic peak through a window on our walk to the car- a designer hard at work in his studio, pausing occasionally to sip from a glass of red wine.

Drive by- drive home

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