Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Waldorf Constantia evening market

Sultry summer evenings on last Friday of every month, there's only one place to be - Constantia Waldorf Evening Market.

Grab the kids, a picnic blanket and some wine, actually grab a few bottles extra as the market doesn't sell and you're sure to make plenty of new friends with a bottle to share.

Don't worry about food, you can smell the curries as you approach and there is just about anything else you can imagine, from sushi to stir-fries.

I've got a soft spot for the desserts, so we settled on these scrumptious lemon meringue pies and some rocky road chocolate brownies with melted marshmallows..I know.......YUM!

My school friend Susan, has a fabulously successful stall, Pink Pincushion unique designer handbags, she makes these beautiful handbags, special fabrics, attention to detail and her equally talented daughter makes the gorgeous little creatures you see below- so perfect for little hands.......I need a baby to buy one for?

More cuddly creatures from another stall.......irresistible..

As the sunsets, your tummy full, you can lie back and listen to the live music....or get up and dance, nobody will mind- only nice people here.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

AVA gallery

What a way to start the week- great art, a gorgeous fire-girl and a bit of Dave Ferguson.........thank you AVA gallery.

Monday nights exhibition was the opening of  A natural selection- 1991- 2011, a stunning amount of people turned out for the art and the celebration, the Church street traders set up their stalls and shops in the vicinity stayed open.

Fairy lights sparkled in the trees, there was dancing and drinking, a wonderful festive evening........roll on summer in Cape Town- we're ready!

loved Brett Murray's snake charmer- just wanted to stroke it!

Zwelethu Mthethwa- at a price

Barend de Wet collaboration

Drive by- drive home

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rondebosch potters market

For more years than I can remember, I've been going to the bi-annual potters market in Rondebosch, usually on the 3rd weekend of March and then again 3rd weekend of November.

In those days it involved prams and babies, most importantly balancing the baby and the purchases attached to the pram and then with a certain skill, loosing neither over the rough terrain.

We would arrive early to purchase 2nds (with imperfections), those were the days of Lovell Friedman's exquisite green platters and Diane Retief's vibrant colourful painted ones- lately I've purchased a few precious small bowls from John Bauer, but this year nothing new, except for one lady, her work below..

Gorgeous bowls- Miro inspired?

John Bauer's latest work

Set the alarm and arrive well before 8 am to get those bargains, see you next year March..... a little bit later, closer to 9 am, outside the coffee stand.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Please let me roll in the sweet peas

It's my crazy time and I rarely get a peek out of the kitchen.... up to my ears in canapes, lunches and dinners.

It's all good, as the coffers will be replenished for Christmas, 

But when its this busy,

I like to imagine myself languidly rolling in those fragrant sweet peas and having a carefree nap amongst the daisies, poppies and the butterflies....

 Does it help, you ask?............Nope.

Monday, 14 November 2011

A funk party in Paternoster

The tourist brochure describes Paternoster as a quiet little seaside village discouraging noise after 10 pm........well, that's all out the window- the boat builders have arrived in style with a birthday and house warming bash that continued till dawn.

You can believe me when I say it is the best house in Paternoster- it sits by itself nestled between the rocks with the tranquil sea below, desirably private, the only houses are ones behind them, the view to the right....

and the view to the left...........

Did I hear you sigh?  You're not alone, there were deep sighs of envy from the guests for at least the first hour as we watched the sun set and the full moon rise.

Then the band began to play, see that unassuming drummer- turns out when he opens his mouth he resurrects James Brown - Hallelujah!

A touching speech by one of the fabulous daughters- she quoted from The little prince, remember the story about the Boa constrictor and the animal, he draws the boa constrictor first from the outside, then from the inside.....and the adults couldn't see it.

We ate succulent spit- braaied lamb with fluffy pitas, the table was a tempting array of toppings, danish feta, baby tomatoes with olives, aubergine puree, tatziki, leafy greens and much more.... 

We danced the night away, I had to eventually take off those Louboutins, I was wearing them thin.... a brave soul dived into the pool- no names, but she does a perfect hand stand and has some moves that would have made Esther Williams proud.

As we drove out very slowly on Sunday morning, the Harley Davidson crews were roaring into town.........see, news travels fast.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saturday night in Plumstead

Lower those eyebrows and stop laughing! What made us cross the main road?

Dave Ferguson - back home for a whirlwind of gigs including one at The Jolly Roger . 

Always game for something different, I decided that if we were going to do Plumstead, then we should do it properly and booked dinner across the road at Pirates steakhouse.

Guess what, the place was packed, seating 110 pax, they are doing something right.
Turned out to be the best steak that the art teacher has had in a long time, tender, juicy, tasty and served the old fashioned way with spinach and butternut, at old fashioned prices.
Love that they support local musicians with live music every night.

Over the road and up the stairs to The Jolly Roger..... you're wondering about this strange nautical theme happening in Plumstead Main road- me too.

The pub was also hosting an impressive exhibition by The body architects tattoo studio.
There was an eclectic crowd waiting, Plumstead locals, rockabilly's, the beautiful tattooed and Dave Ferguson followers.
By 10 pm, it was packed and the wooden floors were jumping.
Drinks at great prices, check out their facebook page, they have a rocking line up of live music.

lovely lady at whose table we sat- her tattoo says- Freedom, tolerance, respect

The verdict.........is Plumstead the new Woodstock? I think we might be onto something here.

Heads up-  Dave Ferguson is playing at our favourite Hotel  The Barrydale Karoo Hotel first weekend in December and they are following that with a New Years celebration of note, Them Tornados- you know where you need to be this December!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ambeloui private cellar in Hout Bay

What compels a hundred or so people including myself to leave a warm bed all blurry eyed and in desperate need of caffeine and then stand in a queue in the rain?

No........ not shoes...... pretty bottles of champagne of course!

Not just any champagne, we're talking sparkling nectar of the gods here- Ambeloui  made in the true champagne tradition- Methode Cap Classique. Our jet- setting eldest thought last years batch fabulous and declared it equal to the best she's had in France.

It was my second year at the cellar sale, usually held on the first Saturday in November and my bottles are treasured, it goes something like this- one for Christmas, one for my birthday, two for the eldest's visit, one for a gift and one for when I win the lotto or in case of extreme emergency, unfortunately its usually the latter.

Don't let me put you off with the once a year queuing-  its not all hardship, we are nourished with freshly baked, warm spanakopita and champagne glasses that are replenished, the charismatic owner and his lovely wife chat, tell us stories and impart information, ( no champagne glasses in the dishwasher, the rinse aid affects the bubbles)  by the time we reach the pay point, we're one big happy and slightly tipsy family.

I have no idea what these do, but I want one- like big shiny espresso machines

Don't you love the logo

It's a family affair, on sale day there are children (after whom the vintages are named) sons, daughters and girlfriends- all hands on deck and you know what.......I think it could be their secret ingredient-  all heart.

St Nicolas guarding the cellar and its secrets
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