Wednesday, 25 February 2015

SARDA boot sale

See how the boot sale has grown

Sorry, pizza tales will have to wait- my pictures were rubbish, I'll just have to eat more pizza to get some good pictures...enough said.

Instead, I'll tell you why I bounced out of bed early last Saturday morning- SARDA boot sale starts bright and early at 8 am, (3rd Saturday of the month) the traders are let in from 7 am and the rest of us are cordoned off outside till 8 am on the dot and then mayhem!

 People run, I honestly wouldn't know which way to run- a friend tells me her man can smell a bargain and knows instinctively which way to run- and it's true.

This is what I got- not at all what I needed, which was garden shears, zinc bath, hose pipe, terribly boring- instead I think I see a tea party with cocktails, some work for the art teacher to fill the frame and a bit of beach bat to work off that pizza.

I spent R210 in total, biggest bargain were the 10 side plates for R2 each and the cutlery for R20.

Got the upholstery cloth for R40- thinking a tablecloth?

The 'what was I thinking' purchase was a doughnut maker- I only paid R10, but still- as you can see that gooey mess inside is pretty much how it ended.

Good news is from March you can sleep a little later, as the boot sale opens to buyers at 9 am- bad news is there will be more people to fight off....better start training my nose.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Hannalie Taute- Cross my Heart

Heidi's Erdmann gallery in Kloof street is currently home to Hannalie Taute's original exhibition- Cross my Heart.

Embroidery pigs are flying, stitched on rubber patchwork, there are dolls with tales to tell, a punching bag that dares you- the last picture is a 6 piece installation entitled 'She's a wreck'

'who needs courage' 'Mandrakes pollinating'

'I'll cross my heart when....'

'Dress is power ' 'Hare today- gone tomorrow' 'Nike of another race'

'She's a wreck'

We absolutely loved the exhibition, so many interesting pieces, an incredible amount of work and time must have gone into them.

The art teacher was brave enough to pin a needle in the artist's heart - Hannelie wore a rubber dress with a padded heart and offered pretty needles- the art teacher missed the 'sweet spot'..I think that was good?

Refreshing 'Once upon a time' cocktails inspired by the artworks were offered around and downstairs in Blah Blah Bar the Sharena Sol Orchestra played the most captivating Balkan, gypsy, jazz sounding music.

Sharena Sol orchestra

Did I mention we also ate the most scrumptious pizza? Promise to share next blog...

Drive- by Llandudno

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sneaking back- like summer should

I'm trying to sneak back- just like I wish summer could,

It's been wet, windy and bloody cold for Cape Town.

The trees are long bare and the flat lands are flooded.

We still walk the vineyard- very fast.

 You see that clear sky below? Well, don't be fooled - to the right, just out of sight, 

is the biggest, baddest Nimbus.... heavy and threatening.

He's biding his time till we're half way, with no where to run but home-

at least someone is having fun!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

A proper book party

there in the foreground lies this season's most coveted book

I was going to say launch, but with that wicked punch, endless rows of pink bubbles.... and don't get me started on the sublime pork pate-  it really was a very good party.

WIth The Book lounge in Roeland street as the perfect venue, our fabulous and now famous Marie from '66 square feet'  reigned supreme last night.

I would describe the book to you in all it’s delicious detail- but they’re gone- yes, all of them.....snatched up even faster than those delicious morsels of crispy pork rind!

I can tell you that everyone was there and we loved the question and answer session with the vivacious Sam Woulidge of Confessions of a hungry woman fame.

Whispers overheard amongst the books ....'so thoughtful', 'captivating', 'intelligent', 'witty' - and as you can see Marie signed all those books as if she were born to do it.

Off to to secure my copy - .now I just need it signed...,,

drive by- drive home

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cape Point Vineyard market

Feel like a glass of wine...or two, as well as a yummy selection of eats on a Thursday evening? 

Cape Point Vineyard Market in Noordhoek - We visited a few weeks back, coming over the mountain a little after 6 pm, it was already bursting with happy people.

I headed straight for The foodbarn's stall and couldn't help but start with dessert- the churros with chocolate sauce....*insert 3 minutes of pure melting enjoyment*...I actually couldn't eat anything else after that.

Now turn around, look at that view, take a sip of wine and know what it feels like to be living in Cape Town.

A few of the lovely stallholders with their treats

Drive home- drive by

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jan Neethling- A Greek Goddess up to no Good

Jan Neethling's exhibition has opened at Heidi's Erdmann Contemporary.

An exciting and vibrant exhibition - bold, colourful pieces, 21 in all, my favourite below....I admit it was a difficult choice.

The artist was a  close friend of the late Robert Hodgins, he named the exhibition in memory of him and a favourite painting by him- A Greek Goddess up to no Good.

Visit soon- you won't be disappointed, but they may all be sold.

The artist in the middle

A voyeuristic peak through a window on our walk to the car- a designer hard at work in his studio, pausing occasionally to sip from a glass of red wine.

Drive by- drive home

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Prince Albert

I don't know if it's the air, the spectacular Swartberg mountains or the sheer nothingness surrounding Prince Albert- perhaps it's the combination.

 As you enter the town everything slows, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the gentle lulling.

 It had been too long and it was a surprise party for our old mate Gary, we stayed at Lisa's beautiful guest house in the main road 'Onse Rus'

I know they are our friends, but what a fabulous place to stay- just take a look and see for yourselves.

Saturday morning breakfast on the stoep watching the town walk by, a meander to the market and of course, late night drinking in the fairy lit courtyard garden.

 We spent the day on their farm 30 kms outside of Prince Albert, this is the road we took- I know..... I'm sure you could meditate for hours on the serenity of just this picture, but to be sure, 
I'm throwing in the roadside tortoise as well.

We drove past a large fig farm, this was very hard, row upon row of almost ripe large black figs - just as well I wasn't driving.

Almost at end, we veered right to reveal their gorgeous little farm, the horses came to greet us.

 We got to eat some of those figs- stuffed with blue cheese, gently roasted in the weber and then wrapped with black forest ham- I haven't stopped thinking about them.

The art teacher chose the hammock and we all wiled away the afternoon listening to sweet sounds of nothing.

We left at sunset- the horses bid us farewell.

Drive by- drive home

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