Friday, 30 March 2012

A year of blogging and Sting

picture courtesy of  Adi Reid aka the Romanian beauty

A year of blogging - I sat with my finger poised over the 'publish' button for so long on that first blog that the little hacker took pity on me and pushed it for me.

Since then, what fun I've had, knowledge gained, shared and new friends made.

I know a lot more about plants, although still no Latin names, along with inspiration for delicious meals and of course strange foraged foods like that mushroom from Marie, I marvel at Lily's beautiful prose, photographs and her ability to find such great music, the flower arrangements over at Jane's are achingly beautiful, I know where to get the best vodka- very important-  along with food and inspiring photos from Donovan....I could go on and on, but the point being that everything shared is something gained and for that I am very grateful.

Not forgetting when our eldest, over the seas and far away gets lonely, she knows where to go.

The Romanian beauty got us tickets for Sting last night- what a great guy, an intimate concert......let me add that he's looking better than ever in his 61st year.

So with that in mind dear friends and fellow bloggers, in an totally not creepy sort of way, I offer you one of Stings best.......... I'll be watching you.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Salads for manne

During the week I was asked to make some salads for a bunch  a scrum of rugby coaches, to go with their braai of course.

A brief survey around the house between the art teacher and the little hacker and I think I had it nailed- men like substance in their salads, think eggs, green beans, any and all cheese, red onions, always tomatoes and definitely croutons.

My first salad ticked a lot of the boxes -  blanched green beans, roasted baby tomatoes, boiled egg slices, shavings of pecorino cheese and red onions.

Who can resist figs when they are in season, so for my second salad I added them to the caramelised and roasted pear slices, creamy blue cheese and more of those red onion slices.

So many juicy mangoes available, my last green salad had to have slices of them, with green peppers, cucumbers, lots of salty feta cheese and crunchy garlic croutons...I see I didn't throw on the red onions but they wouldn't have been amiss if I did.

Lastly a  potato salad, I was thinking gherkins here and decided to up the game with a salsa verde dressing- crushed garlic, capers, gherkins, anchovy fillet, mustard, balsamic, olive oil- lost of parsley, less basil and mint, I was short of time so tossed and whizzed.

I hear they liked.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The figure imagined- art in the forest

I'm so excited about my talented friend Cheryl's exhibition, that I'm just going to jump to Saturday.

Firstly, what a great choice of venue, Art in the Forest- at Constantia Nek circle take the dirt road towards the Cecilia Forest entrance and you'll find it on the right hand side about 1 km on, commanding a breathtaking view of the valley.

Now add a trio of musicians and the haunting sounds of slow tangos, fine wines from Constantia wines and the reason we were there.....Cheryl's beautiful work comprises soft, layered, dreamy and spiritual depictions of the human form- these images will resonate with you and I'm not just saying that, by the time I came back a few hours later with the art teacher, nearly all had been sold.

The exhibition is on until the 15 April, so grab the dogs and the kids, take a leisurely walk through the forest and happen upon this magic in the forest.

Built in the 1950's- an artists home-now home to foundation Light from Africa

Monday, 26 March 2012

Chinese paper- cuts

Playing catch-up with the week again.....

An exhibition of gorgeous Chinese paper- cuts opened at Erdmann Contemporary on Tuesday evening.

The charming  Chinese ambassador gave an entertaining speech explaining that paper cutting was a skill taught to young girls in order to impress prospective husbands. The paper cuts mostly depict everyday life and variations of the Chinese Zodiac.

We were treated to Macallan Scotch  whisky.....hmm, very nice - I could happily get used to it.

did anyone else see those strange orbs floating like a constellation high in the sky?

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hotel balconies and Guest house verandas

Birthday girl

It was our second party spent enjoying the balcony of the Kimberley Hotel in Roeland street- it's a deliciously seedy venue, perfect for your fishnet stockings, and of course throw on the feather boa too.

The old beauty has a second wind, enjoying the hip patronage of the Michaelis students who pack it full on a Friday night.

 Upstairs is the party venue, wrap around balcony, bar area and side room for dancing, complete with pressed ceilings and fireplace- there's so much history in these rooms, that a little decadence seems requisite.

drive by, drive home- pedestrian walkways

Saturday was work attire-  a caterer in fishnets would have definitely made the mother of the bride a little twitchy.

A marquee over the veranda, looking onto the big red polka dot balls that floated in the blue pool, a vintage '50's theme, complete with a sweetie bar in that darling kitchen unit.

Sorry, no pics of  the food, can't you see the shakes in my pics below? - snatched post ceremony canapes and pre plated starters...I was running only on adrenalin, I promise to try a little harder next time.

Perfect venue for a wedding- Constantiawoods Estate

Friday, 16 March 2012

The frenchman's party- Oh la la

Finally I get to the highlight of last week.....the frenchman's party, he has turned a respectable age for a gentlemen and he did it in style.

An eclectic collection of fabulous friends and family, the gorgeous daughter served us our meal, marinated fish with spiced rice and slow cooked cabbage with equally secret spices from a great cook I'm going to have to seek out at the Pan African Market- just looking at that picture, I know my description is lacking.

Then it was the charming son's turn to entertain, he had us on our feet for the rest of the night- he can read a crowd with gypsy like accuracy.

A Speech and birthday candles, hugs and kisses- great food and the perfect bar counter, disco dancing and much laughter, a friend that was missed.... memories.

Joyeux anniversaire notre ami.......Je suis désolé pour le 'makreel' erreur!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Piet's in town

Our old poker buddy and legendary musician Piet Botha graced central Cape Town with a rare performance at Mercury Live.

What a treat! The Lyzard Kings- Piet Botha, Rudolph Dennis, Arthur Dennis and Adrian John Graham played house band for the evening and were joined for some serious blues by John Frick from Holland, Doc John, Li-Anne Cummins and more.

With a CD about to launch Piet has promised a return visit to Mercury Live in April- will keep you posted, don't miss seeing these talented guys in action.

Li-Anne Cummins from Anne Jangle opened the evening- great voice!

great venue for live music

on the wall on the way up the stairs

drive by- drive home

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jan Smith- Nuclear Disaster Stories

Mexican photographer Jan Smith's exhibition  Nuclear Disaster Stories opened at Heidi's Erdmann Contemporary on Tuesday evening

The pictures are fascinating, showing very real stories about the aftermath of the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters, but without the expected sensationalism- it made them all the more riveting.

Peter Becker from Koeberg Alert Alliance gave an interesting opening speech with some insight into entering the restricted zones.

Don't miss this exhibition and when no one is looking your eyes and your fingers over that beautiful silk wall hanging * sigh* .

the photographer Jan Smith talking to Katerina Scheepers

that silk wall hanging
Peter Becker from Koeberg Alert Alliance

Infecting the City was out and about- we caught them in transit

drive by Long street

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