Monday, 6 June 2011

An abundance of greens

I never tire of taking my colander into the garden and harvesting the greens, the delight and satisfaction can only compare to when I was a kid clutching my dimes searching for chocolates...hmmm.....what to choose.
Thanks to the 'art teachers' constant sowing of seeds,  we now have rocket, red spinach, giant spinach, a baby spinach, tatsoi, various red, leafy and frilly lettuces and sprouting watercress.
The above harvest transformed into a scrumptious dinner- wilted spinach with olive oil and squeezed lemon-  they are so fresh and sweet its really all that is needed.
The lettuces and rocket simply tossed with our best olive oil and balsamic, crumbles of feta cheese and sliced red onions.
We ate it with seared sirloin dripping with anchovy/caper butter and chunks of potato tossed with creme fraiche, horseradish and freshly picked marjoram and origanum.


  1. Hoor julle die tjankgeluid van uit New York?

    Anchovy butter??? You have just derailed my dinner plans.

  2. Oh no Marie, don't cry- I'm very envious of your balcony of flowers! This side its only the leafies that are growing, my iceberg's have not one flower and the rest of the garden is looking dismal, we cut back an overgrown hedge drastically, now when I step our my door, I have to avert my eyes, but then they fall on the spot where I had to take out my ancient lavender plants (more like trees) no place to hide-roll on springtime!


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