Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Drive by pictures- Hospital bend

The fabulously talented 'art teacher' has been compiling a collection of  quite unique 'drive-by' pictures.
I'm excited to share a few of them with you, starting with my favourite 'hospital bend' ones- these are taken from the M3 highway on that notorious bend, with beautiful Devil's peak mountain on the left.

Stunningly graphic pictures, all fluid motion and shifting light.

I see large vivid tryptych's on spacious white walls....


  1. Thx Lily- Fanie is very pleased you like them! x

  2. I wonder if Hospital Bend itself inspire this behaviour? I do the same every year! Maybe it is a flirtation with death.

    These are gorgeous.

  3. Thx Marie- I think its the magic of the mountain!


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