Monday, 23 January 2012

Zombie in the garden

Spiders or not?  Not.

I scream and run, sometimes simultaneously,  the alarm thus sounded, it's the art teacher to the rescue. He gently persuades the hideous- okay- terrified creature that life outside is infinitely safer and for the moment quieter, than in the house with the hysterical woman.

So it was with morbid fascination, that we watched this horror unfold.......

The carefully excavated hole awaits the paralysed spider

there was much measuring of the spider and the hole, it was a tight fit

down the hole- poor thing
all covered up and carefully disguised

If you can take a bit more of the horror, hurry on over to green lima beans to see the' beauty' in his garden.

We visited on Sunday (careful to stay far, far away from that rockery)- not only does he take some scarily beautiful pictures, but the man can cook.....hmmm, the most fragrant of thai soups, lemongrass, chilli, thai basil, crisp asparagus-  crunchiest peanut sauce, creamiest chicken satay, a soothing burst of papaya freshness and that veg salad, but best of all, the coconut cream ice cream and mango sorbet- pure heaven!

Did I mention he grinds his coffee beans by hand....but we know his secret- it's the lovely Rosie!

The relaxing, calming 'holiday' view from their house- now I can face the week, thank you blogger friends!


  1. Woah! Amazing photo-documentary. I think we should be scared of wasps, not spiders :) And thank you for your kind words Karen. Please tell Fanie that he was missed too.

  2. Shudder.

    The ice cream timer story was an illuminating one. And the ice cream delicious.

  3. rosie you're quite right, I had to feel sorry for the poor thing....I did my best to describe that delicious vodka for poor Fanie! x

    Marie- I'm still thinking about that ice cream x

  4. How did I miss this post last winter? Do you think the spider that was paralyzed knew what was happening, about to happen, knew that this was not going to end well for it. And all trace...just gone. So violent.


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