Monday, 23 July 2012

of trees and clouds

I'm meditating on the art teacher's beautiful 'drive by' tree and cloud pictures, you see it's been that kind of week.

It all started with the fridge, deciding to go warm, closely followed by the oven going cold, then my trusted car- really an extension of myself, snapped a few gear links and had to be towed.

Sanity and work were saved by fantastic mechanic Andrew, surely motivated by my wimpering and slight sobbing on the phone, he made a plan and welded some 'thingeys' together until my new parts arrive.

Slightly braver and sure my luck had to change, I buried my hands in 3 days of serious catering, only to be dealt the 'et tu Brute' blow- yes, the washing machine, not to be outdone- he tired of spinning.

And so, as I start this week, wringing clothes by hand and keeping a close watch on the kettle and toaster, join me in escaping to serenity of these magnificent clouds and trees.

Friday, 13 July 2012

end of party week

Our last party was the art teacher's birthday party and it reads something like this-

It was a dark and stormy night, only the truly brave ventured forth.......

Those were the atmospheric and threatening clouds that hung overhead- the tent was up, but half of the tables were exposed, so when it showered an hour before, just as the candles were lit and the flowers and lanterns placed on the tables....I did the only thing I could do....

I shook my fists and cussed like a sailor (I have experience in this)- and it worked.

Except for a brief shower that brought us cosily together, the kind clouds held their bounty until after the last guest left and then the heavens broke and it still hasn't stopped raining.

art teacher receiving his brithday wishes
that yummy pork terrine on bruschetta
starter snacks

Thank you dear friends for braving the elements and your excellent company-

 Next party, fingers crossed-

  Carrie's welcome home in September... and they will be dragging that damn sunshine with them all the way from the Mediterranean if they have to!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

a fiesta at El burro

Thursday night birthday celebrations for the very lovely A (the gorgeous blonde in killer red dress).

El Burro on the Green Point strip, up the stairs, open the doors and you're joined the fiesta- packed with people, you just know it's going to be good as it was the only full restaurant on the strip.

Lovely A kept the champagne flowing, an array of delectable starters arrived at our long table, everything from ceviche to seared baby squid and smokey stuffed chillies.

So difficult choosing a main when there is beef short rib and pork shoulder on the menu! Stress.... I chose the twice cooked pork shoulder with corn tacos- heaven, meltingly tender, full of flavour and  it came with all those enticing little bowls to build your taco.

I must tell you that the service was seriously impressive, not easy with a table of close on 30 pax.

A table full of very happy people- thank you lovely A!

drive by- green point side street

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

a week of celebrations

You'll be forgiven for wondering if the big baboon took us, it's been a week of warm birthday celebrations on cold winter nights- I'll start at the beginning with my mother's birthday dinner hosted by my clever sister.

Yep, that splendid looking cake tasted as good as it looked, creamy and rich, red velvet. I don't want to make you jealous, but my sister's boyfriend is a chef and these things are common place in their home.

We arrived just before dusk and had the pleasure of wandering into the garden to pick the evenings broccoli- I'm not even going to comment on the size of my sisters tomato plant- that technically shouldn't even be growing, never mind bending under the weight of its fruit...ours are still thumb high!

A beautiful table, champagne to toast, brunschetta with roasted peppers to start, creamy baby marrow soup with a surprise pasta pocket, then onto slow roasted lamb shanks - how did we still manage the cake?....lets just say the women of our family have a healthy capacity for food.

Someone waiting patiently and expectantly for those bones...

Thank you sister, we had a wonderful evening....

Now please come on over to our garden and touch it with your green fingers!

Monday, 2 July 2012

uninvited guests

You know us, there are animals scattered all over the lawn, but this one had everyone scattering.

He sat aloft the little guava tree, which swayed under the burden, munching guavas with an air of nonchalance- so far so good.

Until we lost sight of him, only to see him exiting our cottage, pear in one hand and newly bought ciabatta bread in the other.

Pale, speechless children inside......didn't he know I had to go to three shops to find that ciabatta- how rude!

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