Monday, 1 October 2012

Scenic route to Town

Leaving our daughter in Noordhoek, we took the scenic route to an exhibition in Town- Chapman's Peak drive,  narrow, winding roads clinging to the mountainside. Sometimes sturdy stone ledges, built in another lifetime to protect us from sheer cliffs and the turbulent sea.

Sneaking peeks downward, I imagine there must be secret coves, known only by the sea.

We were on our way to the very lovely A's first group exhibition at CTSP, where she has been honing her photographic skills.

An excited buzz everywhere, so many full time and part time students with their friends eager to see their work, a band playing in a corner by the bar, brave bartenders withstand the onslaught.

Large expensive new cameras around every neck...... I thought it wise to take the art teacher home.

drive by- drive home

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