Monday, 16 May 2011

Haute Antiques- Gilles de Moyencourt

Did you notice that polka dot crockery set- hmmm

Dragged the poor 'art teacher' out of bed on Saturday so we could visit Gilles wonderful shop. We've known this charismatic french man for a very long time, his first little shop was in Pepper street just off Long street below the 'art teachers' studio way back in the 80's. Back then he was the first to spot the uniqueness and value in what everyone else overlooked- his collection is unique, large and very desirable!

The french man himself

As you walk in the shop

Eclectic paintings and prints cover the walls, on every shelf and tabletop a  homogenous collection of trinkets, glasses, lamps- I'll stop now...
It was only afterwards that I began to look at the display cabinets, shelves and tables themselves. Adored the scrubbed one in the second room with the high stack of old plates perched on it..

and that was just the front of the shop.......

Gilles office- some scary masks

Tucked away to the right- a collection of blankets and materials

The shop is the front and dancing area of  the old Albert Hall,  that fabulous venue, host to so many great gigs and parties, sadly no more.  Gilles partitioned it and added those gorgeous doors that go through to the old bar area.
I can't help showing you all the pics we took, what could I leave out? besides- maybe something special catches your eye?

The room at the back- see that table with the stack of plates- gorgeous
Wait, have to show you a close up of the ''kitchen green' chair and what's on it.....the most beautiful crocheted blanket made for Gilles, by his talented girlfriend Laura- a labour of love,  when you visit the shop you have to touch it and feel its weight in your hands.

The beautiful blanket from Laura and that table!

One last pic taken from outside Haute Antiques peeking in. In 'proper' fashion Gilles opens on Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm or by appointment.  208 Albert Road, Woodstock- you won't be sorry and be sure to arrive early, it'll be 2 pm when you look again.

Haute Antiques window


  1. dear Karen
    love the Haute Antiques! nicely done
    beautiful light and cheerful style
    lots of love
    'art teacher'

  2. Great pictures Karen! It s so nice to see tons of pics of the shop as I am in London and havent seen it in a while!
    lucie de moyencourt

  3. Thank you Lucie- so very pleased you enjoyed them! Your dad's shop is so wonderful, we were completely I want to go back and take individual pictures of his special objects- but where to start!!
    Loved your pics of Suffolk xxx


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