Thursday, 28 November 2013

A proper book party

there in the foreground lies this season's most coveted book

I was going to say launch, but with that wicked punch, endless rows of pink bubbles.... and don't get me started on the sublime pork pate-  it really was a very good party.

WIth The Book lounge in Roeland street as the perfect venue, our fabulous and now famous Marie from '66 square feet'  reigned supreme last night.

I would describe the book to you in all it’s delicious detail- but they’re gone- yes, all of them.....snatched up even faster than those delicious morsels of crispy pork rind!

I can tell you that everyone was there and we loved the question and answer session with the vivacious Sam Woulidge of Confessions of a hungry woman fame.

Whispers overheard amongst the books ....'so thoughtful', 'captivating', 'intelligent', 'witty' - and as you can see Marie signed all those books as if she were born to do it.

Off to to secure my copy - .now I just need it signed...,,

drive by- drive home

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