Friday, 3 June 2011

A little compost farm in Tokai

Beautiful rustic entrance to the farm
 The sun was shining  yesterday, so we excitedly drove to get potting soil for the barrels- (remember those hungry little bunnies and guinea pigs?) We have trays full of very eager spinach and broad bean seedlings that need to grow fast and safely, without fear of being munched.
You'll struggle to find a more picturesque place to buy your compost, just past Uitsig wine farm and bordering Tokai forest.

Mountains of  steaming ocmpost
Massive mountains of steaming compost,  with a border of  the tallest Blue gums in the distance.
In addition to the compost and excellent potting soil (only R12 per big bag),  they also sell fragrant bunches of beautiful old -fashioned roses, a delicious mix of  lilacs, oranges, pinks and reds- at the old-fashioned price of R10 per bunch!

Some of the many rose bushes

row upon row of poppy seedlings
In six weeks this field will be full of colourful Poppies and below, more seedlings in trays to replace them.

On the way out we wave to the workers, some 30 in total between the compost and the flower side. I think the land is owned by the local Rotary and its recent success and expansion is due to one very sharp young man who was unfortunate to spend some time in Pollsmoor prison, but had the tenacity to change his life, a great  inspiration.
the workers taking a break from bagging the compost
this bird intend on catching a frog
Ruins of  old building on the farm with bags of compost ready for loading


  1. Good heavens, new to me.

    R12 a bag??? Here a 'big' bag (about 10kg), retail, is about $12. And worm compost, made in NYC, $20.

  2. Hi Marie- you've probably driven past it lots, the pillars are on the left as you take the bend and you see the forest on either side of you (now chopped down!!! but completely another story)
    The potting soil bags are so heavy I can hardly lift them,I just grabbed my very neglected bathroom scale and they weigh in at 20 kgs!
    I'm not keen on their compost its a bit spongy, but their potting soil is great.


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