Thursday, 28 February 2013

Maynardville Carnival

It's the time of the year for harings, rollmops, shots of genever and piping hot bitterballen dipped in mustard- yippee!

Tensions were high this year, as on Wednesday the precious harings were still sitting with customs, but don't worry, they thankfully arrived yesterday.

We found a few bargains in Petticoat lane, the kids did the bumper cars last night, the art teacher has his eye on a juicy shwarma from the larger than life Cairo man.

Finish the evening with a grappa and an espresso from the Italian tent - goes perfectly with a crispy, sugar dusted rosenkuchen.......can you feel my satisfaction?

Themba Shibase- Erdmann Contemporary

Themba Shibase's exhibition - Paint, Masculinity, Power & Violence opened at Heidi's gallery Erdmann Contemporary last night.

Themba's work explores the link between masculinity, patriarchy, power and violence as a recipe for a violent and oppressive society-  and how they occur not only in the context of state, but in other domains as well.

Catch it- on until 23 March

artist Themba Shibase

Drive by- drive home

Monday, 25 February 2013

Earth Fair Food Market

In search of oysters we visited the Earth Fair Food Market  in Retreat on a Wednesday evening, I hadn't been for about a year and it was all grown up.

Free hugs were offered at the door- having gladly accepted mine, I was propelled towards the bar, where I gratefully accepted a large glass of Chenin Blanc at a very good far so good.

We found our Saldanha oysters- freshly shucked and tasting of the sea- yum!

Lots more places to sit and enjoy the food, both inside and out.

We'll be back soon, there are some Portugese chicken livers calling my name.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Johann Louw at SMAC

Johann Louw's latest works are on show at SMAC gallery Cape Town- Terugkoms van Cythera.

Large paintings on plywood and a few charcoal on paper.

 For me the feeling was sombre, an undercurrent of mortality, the figures intrude - all make his paintings interesting.

The art teacher loved the two smaller portraits below.

On until 23 March- definitely worth a visit

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Monday, 11 February 2013

La Parada- best Spanish tapas in Cape Town

I can feel the Kalk Bay locals cursing me and I confess to a moments hesitation,  but your happiness dear friends will be my reward.

As in the best surprises, it was totally unexpected- Cafe Olympia's menu didn't inspire us, the art teacher suggested the new tapas bar next door- glancing at the chalk board menu I shook my head and thought that these are all authentic Spanish tapas, if not made properly, they'll be awful.

And then I heard it- quick paced Spanish!.....glancing upwards- be still my beating heart-
 no 7 fat Lucas Jamons hanging from the ceiling.

A flutter of excitement started in my belly and very quickly worked it's way to my excited taste buds.

Let's just say we've been twice in 2 days and have had everything on the menu except for the Spanish omelette, paella and prawns (I have never felt this tragic over my allergy) 

Two Octupus dishes...oh heaven! The 'house special' tapas and the croquette- don't even get me started, but the highlight, which leaves no doubt as to the experience at play in this kitchen... the rice pudding- so perfect it's the only dessert on the menu.

It's an open kitchen, so you see the wonderful Spanish lady at work...mostly very fast- punctuated by flares of fire from the pans, but not to busy to smile and wave a warm greeting.

Young sure to order the Serrano ham and watch as the charming and very efficient young manager meticulously sharpens his knife then proceeds to the ritual of carving wispy thin layers of jamon..

They are open from 12 pm  and kitchen closes at 10 pm - you might have to stand, but it'll be worth it.


A drive by from the art teacher on each day

Sunday, 10 February 2013

High tea at the the Vineyard

The Romania beauty celebrated her birthday in style on the terrace of the Vineyard Hotel,

200 years old and originally the country home of Lady Anne Barnard

Tiers of treats arrived, silver pots for tea with teabags made from silk,

The terrace is full on a Sunday, a long lunch tables under the big tree, children appearing like nymphs from the lush garden, toweled guests strolling across the lawn to the pool.

A couple of hours later.....deliciously languid and in need of exercise we followed the cobbled paths into the shady garden- there were bridges to cross and ponds with stepping stones to negotiate.

I loved the continual flow of people, towards late afternoon some arrived for just tea and scones, others to enjoy the solace of the garden with a glass of a wine.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Faces of Woodstock- Mark Hilltout

On Wednesday evening we blew into Alex Hamilton's beautiful studio to view Mark Hilltout's exhibition- Faces of Woodstock, Salt River and Observatory.

An impressive 14 km of pen and ink drawings- we had fun spotting our favourite landmarks like the Bijou, as well as being surprised by how many charming facades I've never noticed.

Definitely worth a viewing - loved the corrugated frames made by the artist.

Whilst you're there, don't forget to peek around the corner and drool over an enviable collection of antique wall vases.

Artist Mark Hilltout giving his lovely speech 

A peek down a few Woodstock side streets on the way home.

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