Friday, 30 September 2011

Asparagus, white trash lamb and a green ballgown

Sunday saw another lunch/boules party, the rain of the previous Sunday a distant memory, we gathered in the shade, the temperature a simmering 31 degrees- that's Cape Town weather explained perfectly.

The lunch menu planning started with 2 deboned shoulders of lamb and a coca-cola marinade that I confess to trying....I just couldn't resist and yes, it was stickily delicious and demolished before we could get pics, so happily I now have an excuse to try it again for my lovely readers.

That said, I had to introduce a bit of class in the starter, blanched asparagus with a piquante lemon, olive oil dip and a rustic tart filled with artichokes, olives, caper berries and a touch of grated pecorino.

Dessert you ask? with a nod to summer- strawberry tarts with ice-cream

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We'll be coming around the mountain

Coming up Kloof nek
We drove up, over and around plenty of mountains this week-  all freshly viewed through the eyes of our guest.

The sun finally joined our party and everything looked shiny, bright and newly blossoming.

A hearty late breakfast at Cafe Olympia in Kalk Bay is a must- it'll chase even the most stubborn hangover.

Sardines and perfectly poached egg, fluffy omelette stuffed with ratatouille and brie and scrambled eggs with chipolatas, then a short walk to the Harbour - Fish 'n Chips for lunch from Kalky's.

this pretty garden outside the railroad crossing to Kalk Bay Harbour

Not one fish for sale

Over to town to scan the art teachers latest painting (can't wait to show you) and look what we found outside the Test Kitchen, have mercy!

It was past lunchtime and not yet dinner time and I could smell those bones roasting in the outside oven, it's for good reason this man's food is the best in town.

I'll bring you up to speed with the rest of the week tomorrow... today its mussel picking in Scarborough- Oh yes!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Friends, food and celebrations

We've had an intoxicating rush of parties lately........the sultry welcome home party on Saturday evening was followed by a torrential rain birthday party on Sunday - for the sweetest sixteen year old imaginable.

Mild panic- well just me.....but then I've never seated 16 people in our tiny lounge before, the dining room table went out into the rain and the garden tables came in (they take up less space).

I had only one solution to our problem- just keep the wine flowing faster than the leaking ceiling.

No matter the weather, if its friends and food, its always a wonderful celebration.

Friday, 16 September 2011

A sunset drive

A sunset drive over the breathtaking Chapmans Peak, sheer cliffs looming and serene waters beckoning.

Built by stubborn visionaries and hard labouring convicts, dramatic turns and narrow ledges-  the overwhelming sense of their achievement.

A slow drive, the treacherous rocks below were graves to at least 22 cars- with the exception of the famous Mercedes Benz that bounced, fell 100 meters and the lucky driver stepped out unharmed!

On the other side of Chapmans peak drive- Noordhoek, a delicious dinner at the Foodbarn with a beautiful young couple.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happiness is.......carrot cake and family

We collected our eldest and her beau from the airport yesterday, the sun managed to break through and Cape Town looked shiny and new..

Champagne, beer and carrot cake- a surprisingly excellent breakfast.

We stayed at the table for a homely lunch of lamb chops, mashed potatoes with lashing of butter and a salad of  garden greens with sliced avocado, oranges and feta cheese.

It's going to be a excellent two weeks.....

Monday, 12 September 2011

A bit of funk & skunk at the Bijou

Sound enticing? It certainly was, the Bijou collective hosted an open studio, vintage night market and it all turned into a fabulous party.

This old cinema, turned foundry and art collective has creativity in its bricks.

We arrived to the enticing sounds of  sixgun gospel,  

We ate- delicious roasted lamb, beetroot and red onion on ciabatta from out of this planet catering.

We shopped- a stunning necklace from 'a bird named frank' and  see these heavy metal bowls- made by talented blacksmith Conrad Hicks, loved his 'cowboy' pans as well.

and then we danced.........yep, none other than everyone's favourite band Time flies- top form guys- we loved you!

It'll be a bi-monthly market, so bring cash and your dancing shoes.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Kalk Bay Modern- Bathini abuntu

The drive to Kalk Bay is always a pleasure, over Boyes drive, the panoramic view of Muizenberg, St James and Kalk bay harbour leaves me with an unexplained feeling of peacefulness- add to that a quick run-in to stock up on bread from Cafe Olympia bakery and then upstairs to a warm and inviting Kalk Bay Modern- this gallery must have the best view.

Cheryl's beautiful gallery was exhibiting vibrant works by Welcome Danca, Sibusisa Duma, Lalelani Mblele and Patrick Makumbe- also ceramics by Andile Dyalvane and photographs by Chris Ledochowski.

The exhibition was entitled 'What are the people saying?' and was opened by the talented and charming Peter Clarke.

I was especially taken with Welcome Danca's art, those solitary figures- what are they thinking?

The art teacher was impressed with Chris Ledochowski's photographs of the Cape Flats, Cheryl also has his impressive  book on display.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pep talk for plants

flowering watercress

We've been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, the art teacher constructively potting tomatoes, rocket, parsley and lettuce, and me?

I've been pep talking, you see its less than a week before our eldest and her new beau arrives and silly me, I want the garden to look splendid.

So to the freshly planted annuals, lavender and roses- you can do it- quick, quick, grow, grow and flower!

To the jasmine blossoming above the door- no, absolutely not yet, hold back!

and to the magnificent plum tree next to the cottage- don't you dare even think about showing your glory yet!

The art teacher says I'm scaring the plants, the new lavender seems to be growing with its back towards me
and they are all drowning in worm tea.

In one week we'll see.......but I strongly suspect I'm a better motivator than a gardener.

flowering tatsoi

Monday, 5 September 2011


Nothing tastes quite like waterblommetjie bredie. Its a little tart, but definitely not sour, it tastes like a combination of winter and spring.

With winter leaving and spring arriving, its perfect timing and the last of those delicious waterblommetjies.

I treat it almost like a normal bredie- brown your stewing lamb, saute the onions and garlic in butter/oil until aromatic,open a nice bottle of Chenin Blanc and add/stock, a grated granny smith apple, cubed potatoes and top with your waterblommetjies, cover tightly and simmer slowly until the lamb is tender- top with freshly grated nutmeg and a squeeze of lemon's a lazy Sunday, so don't forget about that already opened bottle of chenin blanc.
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