Tuesday, 28 June 2011

City Bowl Market on Hope

Beautiful eye catching facade
Town has a new Saturday market, City Bowl Market on Hope, popped along for a quick peek....silly me- two trips back to the car to offload my shopping.

Beautiful old doors as trestle tables,  stuffed coffee bean bags as seats, candles on the tables...make a great night market as well?

First in the door, is the fresh fruit and veggie stall, I naively through I didn't need any, but spotted bags of limes and Naartjies for ZAR10, long stem Broccoli, and Quinces, 3 for ZAR10!..first trip back to the car.

Immediately to the right a sign 'oysters, champagne and books upstairs' well,  you know me....2nd trip to the car- fresh Mossel Bay oysters.

Finally, I do my rounds of the hall, delicious bacon from Cure Charcuterie- this skilled young man's mission statement- ' I'm out to cure the world, one succulent free range porker at a time'.

Couldn't resist these honey roasted chicken dumplings- Char Siu Bao,  from the lovely men at the South China Noodle Factory- seriously delicious.

I left to find a bottle of bubbly to go with those oysters- Saturday nights supper was in the bag!


  1. Jeepers. Giving New York a run for its money.

    Baie exciting.

  2. Not yet Marie- but our sleepy little Cape Town is starting to wake up! x


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