Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday glorious sunday

34 degrees and my only day off this week- yes, that's me, a G & T and the Sunday newpapers- all floating happily in our little pool.

Don't worry, lunch is looking after itself, a voluptuous little brisket that's been slow roasting for the past 4 hours-  in the pleasant company of some chunky potatoes for that last hour.

 What can I say, all that bobbing around and reading gives a girl an appetite.

I stuffed the brisket with lemon thyme and garlic, browned it nicely, added  1/2 cup wine, 1/2 cup coke, a few tomatoes from the garden and an onion, covered it with foil, put the lid on and cooked for 4 hours on 160 degrees......meltingly tender with a gravy to remember.

Another day, another dollar.... Bring it on........just don't mess with my Sundays.


  1. Xaxaxaxaxa! I've heard of cooking with coke and am partial to a ginger ale pig. But the instruction for wine AND coke just made my day :-)

    Looks wonderful.

  2. Oh you are one very lucky woman.

    Chilly here, sure but don't you worry as you bobabout in your pool sipping a cocktail and smelling delicious food to come.

    I'm sure there's a stale cracker or two around here:)

    xo Jane

  3. Ohh Marie- ginger ale pork, has got my mouth watering....I forgot to add that I used white wine that I had open- not sure, but definitely had a light touch. had me laughing! Sadly the truth of the matter is that was the only real meal the family had all week - poor babies! Its now Wed and they've finished the leftovers...its scrounging in the cupboard till weekend again!


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