Thursday, 23 June 2011

Auction shopping

On Tuesday afternoons you'll find me scratching through dusty boxes looking for treasures.... loved what I saw in this box -  leather gloves, cotton gloves, soft white linen and even softer fur- do you see that colour?
What's in the next box....vintage leather handbags- a box full...

I'm desperately trying to stay focused on what I'm looking for- lamps, a cupboard for the bathroom and a sturdy little steel stand for that extremely heavy worm farm. But the pretty trinkets are distracting me-         
                                                             *   deep sigh *

This heavy tarnished platter is enormous, easily 70 cm long, lots of fruit for a medieval banquet...or Xmas?
As I mentioned, the trick is to stay focused or you'll find yourself buying a lot of pretty things you probably don't need.
When it comes to the bidding,  keep your price in your head and stick to it, if you're even slightly competitive, you'll find yourself paying a lot more than you intended to.
The best Auction house in the Southern Suburbs- Hofmeyr Mills, opp  Maynardville Park in Wynberg- friendly people, viewing Tuesdays and Fridays- Auctions Wednesdays and Saturdays, see you there!


  1. It looks like a wonderful auction venue. Auctions here can sometimes be shabby affairs.

  2. Focus is good. Yesterday I came home with two vintage suitcases after going out to buy lettuce.

    Perhaps you could line those red soled shoes with that mink?

  3. Rachelle- you're quite right, the problem with this one is that a lot of dealers go there and they usually push the prices up for us normal peeps.
    Hi Marie- that had me laughing, vintage suitcases....gorgeous...are you planning a trip?!


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