Thursday, 5 May 2011


I followed a beautifully dressed woman yesterday, straight into a forgotten treasure of a shop - Secondhand Rose, its tucked away in Cavendish Close, a hidden portal into a glamorous world.

Gorgeous display in the window by the door
Pre- children, a very long time ago, when I had hours to shop for the perfect item, I used to visit Secondhand Rose, then, at the end of the Main Road in Claremont. Always the excited anticipation of finding that perfect 'something' , that long forgotten treasure.

As you enter- which way to turn first!

The last time I shopped there was very hurriedly a few days before my wedding on New Years eve, 22 yrs ago- I was looking for the perfect  top go with my Jenni Button blue and white polka dot wrap skirt - (I know you're wondering, but its a long story!)

Chanel - if I remember correctly?

It's a place to spend hours browsing and chatting to the friendly owner, Liz, custodian of these treasures for way over 30 years now.

I can't help but wonder what dancing diva wore those shoes and to what fabulous parties
All the clothes in beautiful condition lovingly displayed by the owner

I found my  treasure- a little black Hilton Wiener jacket with faux fur collar, a perfect fit. I'll definitely be back to look at those bags hanging behind the till, specifically the red ostrich one .....and don't even get me started on the jewelry cabinet......

See that red one? Ostrich leg leather- very rare


  1. Red ostrich leg leather...takes me back almost as far back as you when looking for the perfect item. I had come across some incredible strappy aubergine ostrich leg leather pumps. They seemed totally one of a kind, and inappropriate for everyday wear, yet became the perfect signature accent for so many ensembles.

  2. Rachelle- they sound absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for reminding me about Second Hand Rose - a shop I loved when we lived Cape Town. My next trip to lovely Cape Town is going to go via SHR.

    1. Hi Pam- I know what you mean, I keep forgetting as well, there is another lovely second hand shop in main road Kenilworth, well worth a visit as well.

      The sun is shining in lovely Cape Town again- so its safe to visit!

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  5. I am also into Vintage...just want to find no of 2ndhand Rose in Cape Town? Street no that is Thanks Denise

  6. Nice boutique, You can also visit this website because they are selling a good quality secondhand shoes. If you don't have enough budget, you can buy your shoes on their website.

  7. Can you give me the average price of the dresses?


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