Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Curried potato soup on a cold and rainy day

Caught a little sun spot for the pic, it was drizzling ever so slightly

Did I mention that it's very cold this side of the mountain... we've dropped to 10 degrees, you must understand that for us in the southern hemisphere that's quite frankly -  shocking.
Soup needed to be cooked and with lamb ribs still on my mind, there was only one choice, an old favourite adapted from an Ina Paarman recipe- Curried potato soup with lamb ribbetjies. I don't have the original recipe anymore, but here's how I do it-

500 g lamb ribs- ask the butcher to trim them in half, so you have little fingers
4 potatoes sliced
4 big organic carrots sliced
4 Celery sticks sliced
2 Onions diced
Curry power, turmeric, flour, lemon juice and cream

Firstly saute the lamb ribs until browned in some oil, then set aside, next up saute the onions, carrots, celery in a little butter and oil until soft, add the sliced potatoes, saute a bit more, then add 2 tablespoons curry power and 1 tbsp Turmeric, stir for a bit and add 2 tbsp flour/rice flour making sure to saute for another minute then add your chicken stock, and the lamb ribs, gently cook until lamb ribs are tender, add cream and a squeeze of  lemon juice.
By the way, for my little vegetarian, I did exactly the same, replacing the ribs with butter beans and she declared it yummy.
I'm thinking a nice bottle of Shiraz, in front of the fireplace....maybe winter and I should get better acquainted..

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