Monday, 2 May 2011


Great venue, behind us the crowd spilled onto the outside smoking area, cordoned off  by cars- on the left a 'braai-area'!
It rarely gets better than Saturday night, just gone 9 pm and already the Harley Davidson club was pulsing with a spectacular cross section of beautiful people- hipsters, rockabilly chicks, goths, easy riders, housewives, bankers, young and old, all coming together for one spectacular party..... but none of us would have expected anything less from the sensational line-up- Them Tornados, Dave Ferguson and Peachy Keen - Dave Ferguson's farewell concert. (..shedding a tear here..)

Loved this gorgeous couple- coveted so many pairs of shoes last night and don't even get me started on the stockings, by the time I'd stopped the 2nd girl to ask where she'd got them, I gave up- overseas, was always the reply.

First up- Peachy Keen, my first time- great band, 2 gorgeous blondes up front, gave me shivers when they sang ' I shot a man down' .....fantastic! Have a listen their facebook page.

Gorgeous Sassy blondes
Next up- Dave Ferguson.... (fans who missed Saturday- yes, you guys just back from afrikaburn- avert your eyes now)...... he played like the freshly resurrected, like we've never heard before- I could feel it in my bones.

Love the belt and pants- always the dresser

Lastly, the rock stars- Them Tornados..... just look at those pics, no denying it, those boys ooze it and by the time they get to 'she drives me crazy' the crowd is wild. We've seen them play at Albert Hall and Jo'burg bar, but there was something special about last night...

Si Perry- don't you love that Bass
Ian Arrow- he owns that stage
Matthew Ferguson- you have to see him in action with those drums-wow

Close-up of the ink
I don't even want to mention when Dave played with them, its too bitter- sweet. Oh the joy of it and the loss of it!

Match made in heaven

What can I say- come back quickly Dave, so we can do it all again, we'll all be waiting.


  1. it was a great night! If you want to get some cute rockabilly threads be sure to check out Miss Happ - I think I was one of the girls you asked about the stockings - I was wearing my fishnets with the back seam - or rather - they were wearing me!!

  2. Yes! I haven't stopped thinking about those stockings of yours- too gorgeous- will definitely check out Miss Happ!

  3. wasn't it fantastic - and your pictures are great!
    I ordered some socks and tights from last winter. go and have peek - SUCH nice stuff they have.

  4. Hi Lily- my husband is my wonderful photographer- I'll pass on the compliment, he'll be so pleased! Going to check it out now- thx

  5. omg! just looked at the tights at
    they ship internationally....

  6. Oh dear daughter and I were drooling over the fantastic selection, now I've just got to narrow down my choices! But definitely the seams up the back, just love those x


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