Friday, 29 April 2011


I was on the right path...

Most of you, dear friends, will know that I'm not really a 'spa' kind of girl. My 3 month old birthday gift voucher was about to expire and all I felt was a nervous inertia. I've never been to a spa in all my 46, oops, 47 years, and quite frankly, the idea was anything but relaxing-  What was an ozone bath? Will the masseuse think I'm rude if I don't chit-chat? What should I wear? and more to the point, What should I NOT wear?!! 

I gained courage approaching Constantia Uitsig Spa, row upon row of colourful vineyards, beautiful rustic outbuildings. Turning the corner, right in front of me, a storybook picture- endless lush meadows, huge old trees, contented horses grazing, I was surrounded by rural serenity.

Rural bliss!

Silly me, I needn't have worried, the friendliest staff met me at the door, reassured me and explained all, (just in case you were also wondering-  leave ALL your clothes in your locker and emerge in just your fluffy gown and slippers- phew!) Onto the Ozone bath- the mood is set with large mirrors reflecting warm flickering candlelight, the bath a delicious frenzy of ozone bubbles and fragrant bath bubbles, Mmmm, bliss!
A tip- if you want to try those gorgeous products perched on the side of the bath, bring your reading glasses- It was luck that I chose the Clarins facemask for my face! Which, by the way, was fantastic- my face is still glowing...

Could have spent the day in this gorgeous room

The Swedish massage was heaven, a little dynamo of a masseuse worked me over, like a pro. I was cocooned, warm and cozy, slowly drifting to Nirvana. Two indulgent hours later, I floated out, light as a feather with a spring in my step, the fragrant, lush, heady scents of Charlotte Rhys products trailing in my wake.
James Brown put it best- " Whao- I feel nice, like sugar and spice now....'

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