Friday, 20 May 2011

When my garden grows up, it wants to be like this garden

They still have lush tomato plants
I've been driving past this vegetable garden, enviously watching it grown, and delighted to see it transform into an organic restaurant, which thankfully saved me the embarrassment of traipsing through their garden for no apparent reason.

I spied a bath that must be full of compost and red wriggler worms judging by the size of the red spinach
All organic companion planting- somebody had a good nibble on the cabbage

My mother lives two doors down, and this house has always been the pride of Constantia road, its on a double plot and the beautiful thatched house is now a national monument.

Welcoming Sparkly mosaic at back door
Fireplaces have a mystical way of drawing you towards them, so understandably the fireplace table was  claimed despite the sun streaming invitingly onto the patio tables.

One of the two fireplaces
We'd eyed out the cakes at the buffet table and chose lemon cheesecake and the ginger chocolate cake.
The ginger chocolate cake was wheat-free- not that wheat ever stood between me and cake- the texture was dense and moist with shreds of fresh ginger to break the sweetness, super delicious and the coffee perfect.

It was supposed to be a quick coffee, but the whole experience was so relaxing (and filling!)  it was just before lunchtime when we left- a bonus, as we got a peak at the lunchtime buffet- soups, super fresh looking salad, roasted peppers and chicken breasts in a creamy spinach sauce, looking so good that the urge to stick my finger in to have a taste was huge!
Next time we go for lunch......Organic at Heart, check out their website, love the limerick.

The front of the house, sunny paved patio with lots of shrubs

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  1. That cup makes me miss Cape Town coffee which is, strangely, very good.


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