Thursday, 19 May 2011

Food flying out the back door....

Thai salmon fishcakes, rice paper wraps, prawn springrolls, roasted butternut and beetroot with balsamic blaze and creme fraiche, red onion and cheddar tarts, fruit skewers with ground vanilla sugar

Yep, its a catering frenzy for the next 2 days- grabbed a quick pic of some of the snacks on their way out (I know you're used to a higher standard, but the poor 'art teacher' is sick). Its autumn here and the leaves are falling fast and thick, as you can see by the sprinkling on the outside table.
Destination, the Waterfront River Club. It was so perfect - I had to steal another pic for you, not a breath of wind, all sunshine, seagulls and pretty yachts.

Tomorrow is hundreds of homemade scones, baby pastel cupcakes and triple chocolate brownies....


  1. I have this image of door, of a house, with food flying out of it. Maybe a pie.

  2. Actually Marie you almost right- there are frequently apples, pears and pieces of bread literally flying out the door- when I am in a hurry and the bunnies and guinea pigs are squeaking. For the catering, it just seems that way to me :)rush, rush rush!


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