Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pomegranate love potion

One of our precious fruits

Our baby tree has been growing two luscious pomegranates, we've been anticipating their ripeness for weeks now,  yesterday they started to burst revealing those ruby jewels inside.
But what to do with these two precious fruits.....
Our love affair with pomegranates started with our friend Sumien, her previous home had a great old pomegranate tree and bore abundantly, she would arrive at parties generously bearing pomegranates, bottles of pomegranate juice and once the most divine pomegranate sorbet. We now have a mini orchard in the making, with infant plants we have nurtured from the seeds of that great tree.
Which is exactly what the pomegranate is all about- an age old symbol of fecundity- fertility and abundance.
A love potion seems excitingly appropriate, this one is from The foods of love, by Max de Roche and it tastes like Halva.
2 pomegranates,  2 tbps ground almonds, 1 tbsp sesame seeds, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp pine nuts, 2 tbsp sake- honey to bind
You remove the skin from the pomegranate and finely grate the pith, add all the nuts & seeds, grind to a paste with the sake, add 2 tbsp of the pomegranate fruit flesh- maybe more?,  and mix with honey.
I'm thinking drizzled over ice-cream, on fingers of melba toast for breakfast, hmmm.......

Another very sexy fruit...


  1. Nou huil ek eers. Love, love love them.

  2. I wish I could post you a baby tree for your balcony! x


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