Saturday, 28 May 2011

You, me and everyone we know market at the Labia

Some very serious shoppers
It was a strangely balmy evening preceding the bad weather that is expected this weekend,  the you, me and everyone we know market  must have some very good connections.
Predominantly vintage and retro clothing stalls, its home is the front of the iconic Labia theatre - great setting for a little market.
Old movies projected onto the wall creates a great atmosphere
It's 7.30 pm, the last friday market of the season and its packed with beautiful young fashionistas riffling through the clothes rails for something special. You can buy cocktails, wine and beers, but sadly very little in the food line, opportunity here for something portable and retro?
Lady Bonins gorgeous caravan
Parked at the entrance is Lady Bonin's gorgeous tea caravan- if only I drank tea....she makes the whole tea experience look so good.


  1. we popped in - overwhelmed by the young beatniks -
    not room for a mouse...
    so went to see Limitless at the other Labia.
    great value entertainmentwise!

  2. Oh no, sorry I missed you- but quite right, last night the only people I would have found were the ones I tripped over! x


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