Sunday, 22 May 2011

Friday nights 'secret' market in Muizenberg

From old mechanics garage to market
It turns out every Friday night, there is a market at the blue bird garage in Muizenberg, call me suspicious, but I think the locals are trying to keep this quiet.  The directions were vague- take right at the second crossing and somewhere on the right you'll find it....well....I just followed all the people, no-one walks the streets at night without a very good reason.

Mmmm smells and sound of people having fun
 The smells rushed out to welcome me, eastern smells, pizza smells and more. In smaller markets I have a strategy- once around quickly to survey the offerings (even I can't eat everything) then glass in hand, at leisure - which, by the way, was a very nice white at only R20 a glass.

Right hand side, the foods and left hand side jewellery, clothes etc with tables and benches in the middle for enjoying all on offer. With no where to sit,  I decided to take home my chosen meal -  so very much more about that curry in my next blog!
Loved the clothes by the beautiful designer Athene Knemeyer, her label Afrodite, she sources unique fabrics, lovely sleek, clean lines.
The we got stuck, at an exquisite jewellery stall, I didn't want to leave without something, but I wanted 4 'somethings' Oh dear....

love the word 'steampunk'  Samantha says on her fb page its the name of particular genre of fiction

Samantha makes unique characterful pieces from the inside workings of watches, adding other 'found' bits and pieces, cogs, locks, ancient little keys. I was mesmerized into indecision, but I'm going back next friday and  I 'dips' the ones on far right and left! You can find Samantha's fabulous steampunk jewellery on her facebook page - likeclockwork-steampunk jewellery   

Child and dog friendly

Okay, I don't blame the locals one little bit, there is only so much room in this converted garage and heaven forbid it turns into woodstocks 'neighbourhood goods market' with not an inch to move.
So forgive me, I'm just sharing with a few more very nice people......

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