Friday, 13 May 2011

The Treasury Woodstock

Fantastic manager- he's just perfect
Glass in hand,  7.30 pm Wednesday night, we went shopping ..... just up, town side from Blank Projects - a treasure trove -  quite aptly named... The Treasury.

Hmm.....more Enamel ware? Tempted,  already have exact white one, sadly paid a lot more at Milnerton Market- is two better than one?

Charming Manager selling those gorgeous garden chairs, forged to order by a local blacksmith

Homeward bound-  great evening....a sneak peek down a Woodstock side street....


  1. - I like your new post title non-caps :-) -

    Save that bowl for me.

  2. Hi Marie- still feeling my way around here, and only now realised I was heading everything in caps- silly me, shout if I'm doing anything else odd!


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