Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Spectacular view from the cave of  the unspoiled beach, just a few baboons watching

I'm writing this to console myself,  for the past 14 years (I know, we're creatures of habit) we have taken a holiday at the end of April by the sea and not just any old sea, our most favourite, special sea.
But this year, everything seemed to conspire against us and before I knew it, it was two weeks to go, nothing was booked and horror......winter blew into Cape Town, very early and very uninvited!

Perfect solitude with nature

Our summery thoughts fading into a distant memory whilst we lit the first fire at home-  so cold too quickly.

Beach art from driftwood

So here's my wish.....  having missed saying a wistful goodbye to 'old summer',  I hope we'll get a chance to scream a welcoming hello to ' new summer' in September.

Full moon, wild sea

Don't worry, of course I'm going to share our special spot with you, just don't spread the word, let's keep it between ourselves........Keurbooms beach, Plettenberg Bay- see you there.

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