Monday, 30 May 2011

A little wood farm in Hout Bay

Entrance to the 'wood farm' in Valley Road Hout Bay
With the temperature plummeting on our side of the mountain, we needed to urgently stockpile some good wood for the fireplace. Our favourite destination is this little spot in the Hout Bay valley, just past the World of Birds. Strangely the translation for Hout Bay, is Wood bay- and you can see why we call it a little wood farm.....

Massive whole felled trees everywhere, mountains of chopped wood , so many different varieties and interesting stacks of logs that have been sawed through whole, presumably curing so as not to warp...I see some wonderful kitchen tables?

Whole planks drying
little mountains of  wonderful firewood
After explaining we wanted slow burning dry wood that flames nicely for the fireplace, the guys choose Bluegum for us and load the little Citroen to capacity, the fragrant smell of the wood is a welcome change from the usual smell of food.
Leaving the little wood farm, we were tempted to stay,  there's nothing like Hout Bay on a beautiful day...

Our little cottage is small, but it has one thing that I wouldn't trade for all the sculleries, extra bedrooms or has a fireplace in our bedroom.

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