Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Hype Machine

Party pic taken after Vaudeville show at The Fez

My husband- 'The art teacher' has been excited about  The Hype Machine for months now, so I thought we'd spread the joy.
I checked it out and its on The Guardians list of '100 most essential websites' and apparently ' the best thing to happen to music since the Rolling Stones' so who am I to argue!
Its a MP3 blog aggregator that was started in 2005- it aggregates songs from over 1500 blogs, you can search just about any musician including the fairly obscure and older tracts and you're likely to find them.
Play around with it- you can even see what songs your friends are listening to.
The 'art teachers' play lists are popular at our parties and lunches, and I'd love to share them with you, so on the right hand side- bottom of my blog you'll see 'The Hype Machines' widget, which shows his current play list of favourites. Just click and enjoy!


  1. I am in luuuuve with the Hype Machine.
    it's opened up vast vistas of music for me

  2. I know! it's quite fantastic- such fun to be able to have the widget and it just updates automatically.. love to hear your playlist


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