Monday, 11 July 2011

Twinkle twinkle little party lights

A fun and frenzied few days preparing for the 'art teachers' party on Saturday evening, a bit of scrubbing and cleaning...sadly happily ours is not the kind of cottage that stays in 'show house' condition for more than a few hours.

Then the food.... its always an honor to cook for friends and I loved every minute of it -  there were beans to be soaked and kilo's of pork belly to be bought, fresh fish to be found and many lemons to be picked for the ceviche, ricotta cheese and fesh fennel seeds for the meatballs, chickens to be poached that needed fresh herbs to be foraged, chorizo that is 'just right' to be sourced and triple chocolate brownies to be baked....not forgetting the pretty fragrant  flowers to be chosen......who would have thought it....and dare I actually say it- I embraced my 'inner Margaret Stewart'!

The time arrives- wonderful hours with fabulous friends, drinking, eating and laughing, its the stuff of real life.

'The art teacher' is happily overwhelmed with his well chosen gifts- trays of plants; delicious dark chocolates; olive oil & biltong; vodka, whisky, grappa and wine; candles and photographic prints, books and glossy art books, sharp knives and wonderfully original music compilations- what more could a man ask for?

The pathway to the cottage in the morning light- walk a bit further for a delightfully hedonistic display of half empty wine glasses and bottles, scraped plates, spent candles, abandoned shoes and overflowing ashtrays- it was a great party- thank you all.


  1. Wow. The glimpses into your life a half a world away are eye-opening. You continually eat things I have never heard of! How can that be! Yet, served up on white china, they look incredibly appetizing. I guess I need to be more adventureous in my food choices.

  2. Rachelle, that's so funny, because as I posted the picture I thought that the pork and beans looked a lot like cowboy food! ...minus the chorizo sausage.

  3. Your party looks fabulous. And you can smoke at your house?

    Please invite me to the next one:)

  4. Thank you Jane! Yep- smoking happily allowed, also wish we had 'star-trek' type traveling portals- just imagine the possibilities!


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