Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Do these plants look tasty?

The nursery staff steered clear of me, they were used to the usual questions of sun or shade.

Evidently my problem is quite unique.... I have a dream of an english cottage rose garden, roses, lavender and pretty flowers in abundance, but this clashes dramatically with my seemingly idyllic reality of bunnies and guinea pigs hopping about the garden- hence my desperate question, do these plants look tasty?

There was only one way to tell, 1 bought both punnets and put them on the stoep-  as I suspected, the dianthus evidently sublimely tasty and the cornflowers not, okay...its a start.

They also have the same taste as myself in lavender- quite literally, they love the english, but the french and spanish they ignore, what's with that?!

Now here's the kicker....we have a garden full and half a rose garden full of nasturtiums- nobody eats them, they grow in wild abundance everywhere.

So far, I have 3 sticks that were english lavender, two unruly other lavenders, a few cornflower plants and some violets...any and all suggestions would be most welcome.

Why are they so cute?


  1. We always want what we can not have! Here in central Wisconsin we would love to grow some of the "exotics" (to us) that you can!
    We use a variety of netting, rock borders, and sprays (cayenne pepper-based) to keep critters from nibbling. You could try those as well. There are several sprays that can be made at home in a kitchen. Generally, critters stay away from roses with rugosa specie in their background and most things with heavey scent or strange texture. You might try nepeta 'Walers Low' in place of lavender as so many Wisconsin gardeners do.

  2. Thanks so much for all the helpful advice Rachelle, I think i'll start with the cayenne pepper spray- interesting about the roses, as I was wondering why they eat only one particular rose plant- will keep you posted!


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