Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Jacobsbaai beach house

What makes a fabulous beach house?

A picture perfect little bay with a pristine and sandy white beach,  gentle surf for swimming and body boarding, a cluster of interesting rock pools to forage in, only a handful of houses and a nearly deserted beach.

What makes a fabulous weekend at a beach house ?

A few wild and rough (in the nicest possible way) games of boules - I think its disputed, but the 'pretty boys' won and remained unchallenged for the rest of the weekend.

Delicious food in abundance, mussels picked from the rocks, fresh oysters from Saldanha, which is just around the corner.
Saturday lunch was delicious melt in the mouth lamb, we were a bit late -  sorry no pics and a breakfast salad with boiled eggs and roasted vine tomatoes, fried Ham on the side.

A saxophone in the early afternoon shadows, gently playing the sultry and sexy tones of
' Summertime, and the living is easy....."

The space for long beach walks or to practice a few challenging yo-yo techniques.
A quiet, sunny corner facing the sea, to read a good book or the warm light of a lamp to knit by.

the view from the kitchen windows on the other side of the house

Most of all, it was the gathering of good friends to celebrate the birthday of a lovely lady -
and I do believe,  I hear the distant ring of bells...........

I have to finish on this magnificent tattoo, aptly nautical for the beach house weekend, but look a little longer and you see so much more.

one of Barend's 'sea legs'


  1. That was one fantastic weekend.

    Slightly pea green with envy here.

    xo Jane

  2. Ja, I just invited myself. You can't do this to people. It's not nice. You had me with the beach but the osyters were the final straw. And then a tattood man knitting something difficult and pink!

  3. It's such a lovely little spot guys..and the bonus was the warm summer weather we are having in the middle of winter.
    Just had to throw in that picture of Barend- isn't it such a wonderful contradiction!!
    and you're quite right, he is knitting something difficult, he's an artist and it's going to be a gorgeous pink fact I should just do a blog on Barend!

  4. A man knitting something pink...he's way outside "the box" already. Like a man wearing a pink shirt here as a sign of his self confidence in his identity here...

  5. captures it beautifully Karen. It feels like a dream!
    CAN'T wait for the next one xx


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