Thursday, 28 July 2011

Guy Tillim- Second Nature

Guy Tillim's exhibition at Stevenson gallery in Woodstock is breathtaking.

Large, vivid, detailed and at the same time atmospheric and textured- you loose yourself in these pictures of French Polynesia.

The photographs aren't all lush picturesque landscapes, most have elements of  'reality'-  they keep you lingering in front of the frame - the art teacher's favourite one above.

My favourite- the picture with only sea, clouds and birds- it was weighted, yet light and full of everything in between, it touched me.

The gallery's rooms were effervescent with Cape Town's art lovers and photographers, its been awhile since Guy Tillim has exhibited on home ground.

Guy Tillim in dark charcoal pullover

Sir Lowry road Woodstock- outside of  the gallery

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