Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pardon the purple everywhere

Little purple splatters everywhere- the outside tables and chairs are now a sort of purple/white camouflage, the same for most of the broad- leafed plants in the garden.

The washing, innocently fluttering on the line outside, is the ideal target for the' purple poopers'.

Best you put on a hat before you go outside....

The morning air is heavy with the chatter of little birds feasting on these purple berries, evidently they are now perfectly ripe and the neighbourhood birds couldn't be happier.

The Robins however, are looking for a more substantial breakfast - the new arrival hidden in a tree surrounded by ivy.

Speaking of purple- this is one of the flowers I picked for our blogger ' Flowers in the house Monday' which I couldn't identify, tried 'googling,' but no luck- anybody?


  1. oh I know that plant well - grows like the blazes, strong smell (I quite like)... Marie V ???

    btw Karen - thanks for linking the disco!

  2. That's the one Lily! It smells like a beach holiday....
    Love your disco, can't wait to listen to latest batch! x

  3. That is a plectranthus! - but not sure which one, there are so many. Indigenous...Like your birds.

  4. We knew you'd know Marie- thank you! x


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