Friday, 15 July 2011

A fine day on the Sea Point promenade

A week of fresh, crisp and deliciously warm winter days drew us to the beachfront, today's choice Sea Point promenade, I was eager to see Kevin Brand's 'White horse' sculptures.

I love the inspiration behind these 5 white horse sculptures- the story goes in July 1966 the SS South African Seafarer ran aground  50 metres off the Mouille Point lighthouse, thankfully all crew and passengers were rescued.
On the ship was a large consignment of White Horse Whisky, free with the whisky was a plastic toy white horse. The following days the beach was scattered with little plastic white horses who were riding in on the crests of the huge Atlantic Ocean white horses- what a beautiful picture.

I was relieved to see that Marieke Prinsloo- Rowe's fabulous 'Walking the Road' sculptures were still there- several sculptures telling the delightful story of a little girl and a dragonfly.

A slow walk back to the lighthouse in time to catch the serene sunset, our senses sated by nature- the beauty of  the ancient rocks, the unpredictable sea, the colourful sunset and the rising full moon.


  1. lovely. I adore the promenade and how it constantly changes. my granny used to save the little white horses to sew onto those crocheted milk doilies, instead of beads. my great aunt Lil owned a bottle store (yes!) and one of the things I got when they passed on, is a cardboard spectacle box full of white horses. :)

  2. Lily- you lucky thing, that's very special..a box full of them and I hope you're fortunate enough to have a doilie as well?
    PS- Your family sounds wonderful-I bet there's a lot more to say about great aunt Lil?!


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