Monday, 25 July 2011

Flowers in the house in July

My new friend Jane over at small but charming all the way in Arlington, Virginia is hosting her 'Monday flowers in the house' party, where we get a little peek and some inspiration from the beautiful flowers in everyone's homes.

A quick dash into the garden this morning to see what looked cheerful-  its back to winter this side of the world, grey, dark and windy, can't blame the flowers for hiding.

Apologised to the bees and sunbirds as I picked what  flowers I could find and put them on the kitchen window sill......a small confession- thank heavens for Jane or that week- old parsley would still have been there!

When nothing else is flowering thank heavens for the Camellia's


  1. I forget anyone is enjoying winter at the moment, it's so bloody hot and humid here.

    I am positively dripping onto the keyboard after a 1/2 hour spent outside watering.

    Heavenly camillas in a horn? cup? Love the background painting also.

    And the striped jug full of daffs and ageratum and ??? reminds me of kinder gentler days in the garden.

    Thanks for coming to the party!

    xo Jane

  2. Would you ever need anything other than camellias? If only I could grow them here!

  3. I used to dislkie camellias in California because they grew in the shade and had no scent. What I would give to grow them now in New England. Thanks for sharing yours at Jane's house!

  4. What a lovely camellia! Makes me long for winter! thanks for sharing.

  5. thanks for visiting everyone!

    I have to confess Jane, that my knowledge of plant names is very small compared to you guys- but thanks to you/and google, I'm learning!-
    The long blue shoots with little off-shoot petals are called 'Mona lavender', apparently developed here in Kirstenbosch, the little blue ones looks like a fat lavender head and is very fragrant in a 'coastal african way'- will find out the name or post a pic, sure you guys will be able to identify.
    We have 3 huge Camellia trees on the estate, the pink one I picked by the cottage, the other white and the 3rd, white/crimson by our neighbours house- next flower Monday I will definitely 'nick' a few!
    Been trying to grow from cuttings, but the not much success- tricky things it seems.

  6. Your camellia's are gorgeous! I love the shiny leaves against the painting behind your arrangement. And the color of the flower...beautiful!


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