Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Hout Bay Harbour Market

The new Hout Bay Harbour Market was buzzing on Saturday morning, I parked far away and followed the masses- never has the harbour been this busy.
Opp the popular Fish and Chips on the rocks in an old warehouse, great for the winter, lovely cosy atmosphere.

A smithy from  Iron & Roses has set up shop, he has a constant audience. The traders are in the front - I found a gorgeous red farmed coral ring at Mint.
The food section with communal tables near the big fireplace at the back, loved the overall design, interesting lighting on ancient tree stumps and drum lights hang from the ceilings,  Zebra 'skin' on the floor.

Toured the food area twice, but apart from the Crayfish and fish braai I was disappointed, a quick look around and most of the people were eating the stir-fry, very yummy looking.
Other than that, the choices were limited -ciabatta rolls with sirloin, very expensive pancakes, sushi, quiches...just didn't cut it for me.

The market will be open on Friday evenings as well as Sundays- excited about Sundays.  Its still very new and I'm sure it'll grow quickly attracting some great additional stalls.

Climbed the dunes with the kids for a pretty beach pic.


  1. Farmed coral? Really?

    I am amzed at all the pop up markets. Progress.

    And love the picture of the empty beach...

  2. I should have taken a pic of the ring! Gorgeous- it perfectly matches a bracelet I already have.
    Quite right Marie, there are so many popping up that the good 'food stall holders' aren't able to be everywhere, hopefully it'll improve, as its so nice and close, just over the mountain..

  3. I like the caged stone wall. Would love to check this out...but I'm half a world away! Great pictures, they allow me to be a mouse on your shoulder!

  4. I also thought it was very clever Rachelle, great idea for enclosing an area maybe?
    Hop on little mouse- lets go!


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