Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I confess I turned a blind eye- their delight in finding the veggie garden was a joy to watch

Peter Rabbit was one of the children's favourite books when they were small, we all cheered for naughty little Peter as he escaped the clutches of the nasty farmer and hid from his equally terrifying cat, after all, he just wanted a tasty treat from the veggie garden, well...
You've guessed it...... my gentle husband is fast turning into farmer McGregor with Rabbit stew on his mind- something had to be done, first we tried securing the veggie gardens- no luck, turns out bunnies are quite resourceful and persistent. Barrel planting was our solution.....

Watercress and mixed lettuces

We purchased several wine barrel halves from Gerald who was hawking them in our area, all genuine with the heady smell of  years of aging red wines. Then came a delightful surprise- look what we found underneath!

Not easy releasing the bottom from the barrel

A 'boer maak a plan' - there would be no holes drilled in my new cheese board! Poor Fanie had to carefully and not very easily, cut away the entire bottom of the barrel to preserve our new treasure.

I now have 3 beautiful oak bread boards- but only 1 with the french oak stamp

A word of warning....removing the bottom of the barrel invites those pesky little moles to take up residence in your cosy barrels, so secure bottom with chicken wire. Also, we have since discovered that bunnies can jump very high..... oh dear!

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