Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Cute little crocodile!

Yep- you see it for yourself, crocodile cream and no, its not for the crocodile, its for you and me, a 'cure-all' cream made from crocodile, I know.....quickly grabbed the packaging to find out exactly what part of the crocodile is used and was hoping to read something along the lines of  'no crocodiles were harmed in the process', but I imagine its quite difficult to get a crocodile to willingly give you his oil.
Did a bit of  'googling' and apparently it was all Cleopatra's idea, so I surrendered and smeared a tiny dab on a pesky little wart on my hand and yes, it did actually fall off 2 days later, but as my friend said, maybe that was because it was full moon!

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